Invoca Debuts Conversation Intelligence AI Innovations to Optimize Contact Centers

Invoca has announced the latest enhancements to its Signal AI suite, along with the launch of Signal AI Studio.

Invoca’s AI suite enables digital marketing and contact center teams to work together towards driving revenue growth for businesses that acquire customers, members, or patients over the phone. Furthermore, Invoca Labs has introduced Topic Explorer and GPT Call Analysis, along with several other AI innovations, to provide businesses with cutting-edge tools for optimizing their communication strategies.

Signal AI Studio enables businesses to create custom AI models and detect meaningful insights from every customer conversation. With Signal AI Studio, revenue teams can optimize marketing spend and agent performance by surfacing previously unknown insights.

Invoca AI models are trained on each business’s actual calls, making them highly accurate. The solution allows businesses to automatically capture insights from phone conversations at scale, such as caller intent, product or service interest, conversation outcome, and agent performance. Creating custom AI models is fast and easy with Signal AI Studio’s no-code UI.

Users simply type in the insight they want to detect and Signal AI Studio shows specific moments from relevant calls to review. The solution then creates an algorithm to classify similar conversations in the future. Signal AI Studio automatically transcribes examples from previous calls it believes fits that insight, and the user confirms if the AI’s suggestion is correct. Invoca makes it easy to drive the right actions from AI data through industry-leading integrations with Google, Facebook, Adobe, Salesforce, smart alerts, quality assurance scorecards, and customizable reporting.

Invoca’s Signal AI leverages patented machine learning and generative AI to extract actionable insights from every conversation, enabling businesses to enhance their marketing, sales, and CX strategies. Signal AI is trusted by some of the world’s most prominent consumer brands to improve digital marketing ROI, customer experiences, and call conversion rates.

Signal AI suite

Invoca has introduced two new early-stage features from Invoca Labs, aimed at enhancing customer experience and increasing ROI. These features allow users to test drive and provide feedback on experimental AI-powered insights and analysis.

The first feature, Topic Explorer, enables teams to visually uncover new insights from thousands of calls at once using GPT-powered call summaries. This feature allows teams to identify themes and topic trends across multiple calls, providing new insights about customers, call experiences, agent performance, and marketing campaigns to improve CX and increase ROI.

The second feature, GPT Call Analysis, powered by generative AI, provides concise summaries of every call into a business. This feature enables teams to understand the essence of a lengthy call in just three to four sentences, saving them from spending 15 minutes listening to a call recording.

Managers can also use pre-defined prompts to spot common problems, allowing them to spend more time on value-added coaching instead of manually sifting through call data. Invoca ensures enterprise-grade reliability, security, redaction, and compliance to keep customer data safe and protect consumer privacy for all AI products.

“Businesses are getting inundated with claims of AI’s vast promise, but few solutions have made a meaningful difference in helping companies grow revenue,” said Nathan Ziv, senior vice president of product at Invoca. “With Signal AI, you don’t need to be a data scientist to unlock the power of AI. Now, any user can drive revenue by unlocking breakthrough insights from the buying journey, especially the ‘moment of truth’ where consumers make critical purchase decisions. AI models custom-trained for your business deliver the most accurate insights, and now with Signal AI Studio, marketing and contact center teams can create them faster than ever.”