Fountain’s Global ATS Solution for Hiring Remote Workers

Fountain, a popular all-in-one applicant track system (ATS), for high-volume hires, announced today that Fountain Remote is now available.

Fountain Remote allows employers to verify applicants’ identities, make sure that new employees have the right hardware and software, and to ensure compliance with labor laws. Fountain Remote allows hiring and recruiting teams to save on average 57% time and 68% more applicants than previous channels. Fountain Remote seamlessly verifies remote employees and onboards them, allowing them to start immediately.

Aptitude Research, a top human capital management advisory and research firm, and Fountain found that more than 6 in 10 businesses require high-volume recruitment. COVID-19 has not only increased the number of hourly worker job openings, but also opened up new possibilities. Employers looking for hourly remote workers have access to a wider range of talent. There are still challenges when it comes to hiring workers from different areas.

Fountain Remote automates the authorization and verification process for hourly workers. This significantly reduces the time it takes to hire. Employers who hire many temporary or gig workers will appreciate this. Fountain Remote also conducts technical tests for companies that hire people for high-tech roles, such as call centre representatives. These features help businesses locate and hire qualified candidates faster, which saves valuable time and money.

Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain said the company continues to innovate and invest in product developments that make it easier for companies to hire and onboard faster.

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