Best Call Center Software in 2021 Ranked by 360Quadrants

360Quadrants has compiled a list highlighting the best call center software providers in the industry.

Call Center Software automates customer phone calls by answering and receiving them. It automates telephony operations and reaps the benefits of significant investments in hardware and manpower. It allows agents to make calls, manage incoming calls and track call metrics. It allows businesses to resolve customer problems more efficiently and streamline their service ticket management.

SaaS platforms, Contact Center as a Service and Contact Platform as a Service are the primary services of call center software. It contains all call routing features. These should include on-hold messaging and interactive voice response (IVR).

360Quadrants compiled a list highlighting the top call center software providers in the industry. This research helps buyers make the right call center software choice and educates them about it. The study compared all call center software vendors to their business strategies and products, and each provider was placed in a quarterly updated quadrant. 360Quadrants also conducts a SWOT analysis in order to help these software providers identify new opportunities and areas of improvement.

Quadrant Positioning for Call Center Software Companies

360Quadrants evaluated the software vendors who provide call center software, and identified 30 of them as Visionary Leaders and Innovators, Dynamic Differentiators and Emerging Leaders.

Calldesk, LiveVox, Anywhere365, Zendesk, Zoho Desk, Kiamo, Dialer360, Connex One, Infobip, Cloud Contact Center, and Infinity Call Center Software have been identified as Visionary Leaders in the Call Center Software market.

OXON, Zingtree, Harmony Call Center Software, Voxtron, Pulsar, Noojee, and Bitrix24 Call Center Software have been recognized as Innovators in the Call Center Software market.

ConVox, JustGoCloud, ZaiLab, CloudTalk, Contact Center Solution, i800, and Imagicle have been positioned as Emerging Leaders in the Call Center Software market.

Diabolocom, Fondesk, CallHippo, Easymeeting and Talkie have been identified as Dynamic Differentiators in the Call Center Software market.

Methodology for 360Quadrants Assessment

360Quadrants carefully selected and evaluated the top call center software providers. These providers of call center software were evaluated using over 100 data points. They were based on their product and business strategy as well as data from industry professionals and buyers. Before being measured, each data point was given a weight. This study also assists analysts in calculating an overall score that is used to rank and place call center software providers on 360Quadrants.

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