Automation Anywhere Launches New Call Center Solution

Cloud-native, AI powered automation solution enables organizations to provide superior customer service quicker.

Customers can now communicate with customer service representatives through a growing number of digital channels. Companies want agents to have a 360-degree view and be able to communicate with customers simultaneously. The reality is that agents in call centers, virtual or real, have to navigate multiple data sources and apps to find the information they need to respond.

Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers allows agents to be more efficient in locating, retrieving and updating information. It also helps clients complete transactions quickly and accurately. This increases service delivery and decreases hold times. Automation 360 is the world’s most popular cloud-native RPA platform. The solution includes AARI, an intuitive interface that allows business users to automate tasks across multiple systems.

AARI is a personal robot assistant that gives a central view of all automations. It can scale up to thousands of agents, live or virtual, and also includes additional features like:

Automation 360 simplifies live agent experience: Automation 360 connects multiple records, including CRM, customer interactions and payment history. This gives the agent a complete view of the customer. AARI automates backend processes in order to speed workflows, record updates and escalations.

Automate virtual agent response times with complete data: Intelligent automation gathers data from legacy and modern systems to speed up virtual agent response to customer queries. It also accurately addresses more complicated inquiries and recommends the next-best actions based upon AI recommendations. Without the need for a human agent, virtual agents can answer questions and resolve customer problems from beginning to end.

Automate 360 helps agents connect and scale across systems

The company claims customers will experience a reduction in response time, faster average processing times and greater case capacity and companies that have implemented Automation Anywhere for contact centers have experienced improvements in customer response time, average handling times (AHTs), agent case capacity, and overall customer experience.

Automation Anywhere and its global partners are now offering the solution worldwide.

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