AI Agent Builder from SignalWire Offers Personalized Customer Support at Scale

SignalWire has unveiled its new AI Agent Builder, a no-code solution for creating intelligent virtual voice assistants.

Introduced ahead of API World 2023, the largest API conference, SignalWire’s AI Agent Builder provides a simplified drag-and-drop interface for developing artificial intelligence into voice applications.

This allows both technical and non-technical users to quickly design personalized, “human-like” virtual agents with complex call flows.

SignalWire’s AI agents offer several advantages over first-generation chatbots:

  • Lifelike interactions through text-to-speech, machine learning and support for over 40 languages/accents.
  • Streamlined efficiency by automating routine tasks and reducing wait times for customers.
  • Balanced capabilities to support all experience levels, from beginners to expert developers.
  • Personalization at scale through integration with CRM/order systems.

“Our goal has always been to make communications technologies accessible,” said Anthony Minessale, CEO of SignalWire. “AI Agent Builder leverages our platform to deliver practical AI use cases for all.”

SignalWire will showcase the new solution at API World 2023 in October, where they are sponsoring the Hackathon and hosting sessions on harnessing AI over voice. Their no-code approach aims to elevate customer experiences through intelligent automation.